Contracts for Clients

We have several Contracts for Clients for use by a developer, company or individual wanting building work. They include appointments of professional consultants and contractors.

Contracts for clients appointing a consultant include B100, a generic form of Professional Consultant Appointment. We also have a Principal Designer Appointment, B163, for use with the CDM Regulations and forms designed as much for the consultant as the client - Architect, Engineer or Quantity Surveyor.

For appointing a contractor, use our Short Form of Contract for Work & Services, B121.  This is suitable for taking on a contractor for building work, construction of an extension, installation of a boiler on company premises etc.  Our B122 is similar but is a set of Conditions instead of a full contract.

Our Design Build Construction Contract B160 is a short form for use when the contractor has design and construction responsibility.

Our Maintenance Services Contract template is B125.

We also have a sample Letter of Intent, B124, where you can get work started before the formal contract is finalised.