Manufacture and Supply

Manufacture and Supply contracts are needed by companies large and small. Many have a cross-border element - e.g. a designer or wholesaler in the UK having their products made in China. If you have invented a product that you want to have manufactured, our Licence for Manufacture and Sale A126 may be suitable. For a Chinese/English version see document C126

If you are already in business producing goods and wish to expand into a new market by licensing another company to manufacture your goods, then our Licence for Manufacture Overseas A134, is preferable or, for China, C134 

If you are asked to manufacture a product for someone who provides you with some of the raw materials, our Manufacture and Supply Agreement A184 is the document to use.

For a business that wants to receive regular supplies of goods or equipment, our Long Term Supply Agreement A138, is the contract for you ( C138 for use with a Chinese company).