The ContractStore Authors and Legal Team

Several lawyers contribute to our catalogue, each with expertise in different areas of the law. Between them they have over 200 years of experience in drafting contracts and you can benefit from this experience at very low cost when you purchase contracts here. They include:

Giles Dixon

Giles is the founder and managing director of ContractStore.

Derek Devgun

Derek Devgun

Derek is a dual-qualified English solicitor and US lawyer.

Judith Long

Judith Long

Judith is a solicitor and her specialist skills include all aspects of commercial property law, business law and employment.

Linda Spedding

Dr Linda Spedding

Dr Linda S Spedding, International Lawyer and Adviser, qualified as a Solicitor (England and Wales), Advocate (India) and Attorney at Law (USA).

Philippa Wood

Philippa Wood

Philippa is a solicitor who has wide-ranging and varied experience.

Sharonjeev Benning Prince

Sharonjeev Benning-Prince

Sharonjeev has 20 years’ experience as a senior lawyer with wide ranging client experience.

Xie Rong

Xie Rong

Xie Rong is a Chinese lawyer who has been living in England for the past few years.

Nikolay Nekrashevich

Nikolay Nekrashevic

Nikolay is a Russian in-house lawyer domiciled in Moscow.

Other Contributors include:


is a solicitor who, until his recent retirement, was a partner in a Shrewsbury firm for some twenty years, dealing with property and litigation matters for private and commercial clients.

Kong Wei

is a Chinese lawyer and a partner in the Zhonglun law firm in Shanghai. He specialises in corporate and commercial law, and has experience of working in a London law firm. With Xie Rong he has selected the contracts for translation and adaptation for the Chinese market.
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