Contracts for Self-builders

Our Self-Build Contract templates are easy-to-use contract templates in plain English/MS Word. They cover the arrangements you need to have in a self-build project.

Developed with Self Build Zone, this is a set of editable documents to keep you, your designers and contractors on track, on time and on budget.

Why Use These Contracts?

Some 20,000 home owners build a home in the UK each year, but until now there have been no form of contracts for self-builders available for the home owner (except the JCT Home Owner forms which are intended for an extension, not a new home)

Construction projects can be complex affairs, with a variety of different trades working on the site, and a variety of risks. Contracts are needed in this situation – not because they solve all the problems but because they provide a framework for dealings between the participants and they help to identify how risks are allocated and what to do if things go wrong.

The Self Build Pack

The Self Build Pack was developed with Self-Build Zone, a company specialising in insurance for home builders.

The low cost (£49) Self Build Pack contains 4 contracts in easy to use MS Word format, representing a big discount on the full price:

Appointment of Professional Consultant (architect etc.) document no. B151
Building Contract - suitable for a contractor building a new house or major extension B152
Trade Contract for smaller projects than a new house B153
Supply and Installation Contract B154
Useful Guidance Notes Z165

Construction Contracts

ContractStore also provides a range of related legal templates for property ownership, building and development projects.

If you are a builder or want other forms of construction-related contract you can find them at