Builder’s Business Pack (PK001)

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The Builder’s Business Pack contains a collection of useful advice and contract templates to help you in your business as a builder or construction contractor. The pack represents great value, as the contents cost a lot more when purchased separately, and we’ve picked relevant supporting documents to help and give guidance as well.

In this pack:

  • A Quotation Form with Standard Conditions of Contract for Construction Work
  • A Confirmation of Order Form
  • A short Form of Subcontract, written as a letter
  • A form of Collateral Warranty Agreement useful for larger projects

Also included are some helpful advisory notes, especially for anyone setting up a new business, and these include a Guide to Starting A BusinessAdvice on Preparing a Business Plan;  a Cashflow Forecast and Explanatory notes on Employment Contracts.

Scroll down for full details and notes about the contents of the Builder’s Business Pack.

Standard Terms & Conditions for Construction Work

Straightforward Terms and Conditions and a Form of Quotation, for use by a Contractor when submitting a Quotation for construction or building work to a client.

The six page Terms and Conditions document contains 11 clauses covering

  • definitions
  • contract formation
  • general obligations
  • variations
  • contract price and payment
  • insurance and liability
  • duration, handover and defects liability
  • termination
  • disputes
  • materials
  • a general clause detailing notices, assignment, subcontracting, the scope of the agreement, amendment, representation, severance and waiver.

Together, the documents will create the construction contract.

While reasonably fair, the documents are biased in favour of the contractor. You need this document if you are a contractor submitting a quotation for construction work to a client.

Collateral Warranty Agreement (Contractor)

This collateral warranty agreement template is for use where a contractor enters into a direct agreement with a purchaser, tenant or funder of a development. Drafted by a construction lawyer.

This four page document contains 9 clauses covering

  • definitions
  • warranty
  • deleterious materials
  • copyright
  • indemnity insurance
  • assignment & third party rights
  • notices
  • law & jurisdiction
  • step-in rights

The contract is accompanied by Explanatory Notes that explain the background and purpose of collateral warranties as well as dealing with individual clauses in the document.

You need this document if you are a contractor entering into a direct agreement with a purchaser, tenant or funder of a development.

Short Form of Subcontract in Letter Format

A user-friendly, very simple agreement in the form of a letter under which a main contractor appoints a subcontractor for certain works.

All the main essentials of a construction contract are present in the 22 paragraphs to which will be attached a schedule setting out the scope of the works.

This four page document contains 22 clauses covering:

  • the subcontract works
  • price
  • start date and duration
  • regulations
  • plant and facilities
  • inspection
  • damages
  • variations
  • insurance
  • claims
  • goods and materials
  • completion and maintenance
  • payment
  • liquidated damages
  • set-off as a remedy
  • variations
  • time extensions
  • claims
  • indemnity
  • insurance and liability
  • disputes
  • subletting and assignment
  • termination
  • documents and main contract
  • notices

Please read the Explanatory Notes below for further details.

Confirmation of Order (Services)

This Confirmation of Order Form is for use by a Supplier to confirm an order for the supply of services.  This is a one page document in Word format for a supplier to adapt for their own use when confirming or acknowledging an order.

A sample form is also provided to guide you in completing the document.

ContractStore’s Guide to Starting a Business – Free Document

This is a PDF Pamphlet on Starting a Business – with Legal Tips from ContractStore’s legal experts.

It introduces what you need to know for setting up – taxes, company structure, naming your business, and of course the legal documents and info that you need to put in place to establish your company.

Preparing a Business Plan – Free Document

This free 24-page document, supplied to ContractStore by Cantium Consulting Ltd will help you with the preparation of a Business Plan.

Employment Contract Notes – Free Document

When writing an employment contract it is necessary to take account of the relevant legislation. This free note sets out the basic requirements for employment contracts in the UK. It is designed to assist users of our Employment Contract Templates.

It contains

  • a checklist of necessary contract terms
  • information on a range of employment related topics


If you have any questions about a contract and/or want to see the Explanatory Notes before you buy, please let us know by using our contact form