Consultant’s Business Pack (PK003)

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This consultant’s business pack contains a collection of legal documents and statements for use when setting up a website to supply consultancy services as well as various helpful guidance documents for someone setting up a new business. The pack is suitable for a wide range of consulting businesses.

The Consultant’s Business Pack includes:

  • A Confidentiality Agreement.  This is suitable for use when you begin negotiation with a potential business partner to develop your idea, and it can be used with your website designer.
  • Notes on Preparing a Business Plan.  19 pages of useful notes prepared by an accountant explaining how to put your Business Plan together.
  • Consultant Standard Terms of Business.  Designed as a set of standard terms for use by a consultant when submitting a proposal to a client, as well as when entering into a contract with the client, these terms can be used by a wide range of consulting firms, from engineers to public relations consultants.  They are written in clear English and easy to read and understand.
  • Confirmation of Order for Services.  This one page form is designed for use when confirming an order for services to a client.
  • Website & E-mail Legal Notices.  As many consultants nowadays have a website to promote their business, we have a collection of legal documents you may want to use on your website.  This includes a Privacy Policy, a Disclaimer Notice and a Copyright Notice.  There is also a template for the information that a company in England is required by law to show on its website and a template for the information needed on company emails.
  • Appointment of Individual.  This letter of  appointment is suitable for a wide range of appointments- and can be used by a consultant who takes on other people in their business – either to work as part of the consultant’s team in dealing with clients or providing supporting services, e.g. as a bookkeeper.

In addition there are some useful advisory notes, especially for anyone setting up a new business, and these include a Guide to Starting a Business, a Checklist for a Shareholders Agreement and Explanatory Notes on Employment Contracts.

Appointment of Self-Employed Individual

Appointment of an individual to provide services on a part-time, self-employed basis. This form is suitable for a wide range of appointments – from engaging a drama tutor to a bookkeeper. (Letter form)

The letter makes reference to the following:

  • services
  • appointment
  • minimum working hours
  • location
  • changes to services
  • payment rate
  • invoices
  • duty of care
  • relationship between parties
  • tax and National Insurance contributions
  • notice
  • confidentiality
  • post-termination obligations
  • substitution
  • termination
  • governing law

Use this document if you want to appoint an individual on a part-time, self-employed basis, and want clarity on the terms governing your relationship.

Consultant Standard Terms of Business Contract Template

These Terms of Business are for professional consultants and freelance agents, and offer a standard set of terms and conditions for dealing with clients.

Designed as a template for use by a consultant when submitting a proposal to a client, these terms could be used by a wide range of consulting firms, from engineers to PR consultants.

There are 11 main clauses covering:

  • scope of services
  • duration
  • fees and expenses (by reference to a separate quotation/contract)
  • information and approval
  • standard of care
  • intellectual property
  • personnel
  • liability (with alternative clauses)
  • termination
  • assignment and subcontracting
  • law and jurisdiction

This document has recently been updated to include an Appointment Letter to clients and a Schedule detailing the scope of services, fees and expenses payable.

You may also want to look at our Consultant’s Legal Pack, which contains a low-cost collection of legal template documents that would be useful to a consultancy business.

Confidentiality Agreement Template

This Confidentiality Agreement is for two parties who are interested in working together to develop a new idea or new product.

This is a 4 page document with 14 straightforward clauses covering

  • confidentiality
  • disclosure
  • copies of confidential material
  • return of material
  • withdrawal
  • breach
  • warranty
  • obligation
  • use of confidential material
  • indemnity
  • relief
  • obligations remaining in effect
  • assignation
  • jurisdiction

This agreement is designed to give protection to both parties in the development phase of the project where information is exchanged.

The agreement allows either party to withdraw from negotiations after a specified period. This is sometimes known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Website & Email Legal Notices

Did you know that under English law you must display certain information about your business on your website?

This document contains template wording to ensure you are up to date. It includes the information that every company is required to provide under English law, plus a Disclaimer Notice, a Copyright Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookie consent, Notices concerning links to and from the website and useful legal phrases for your email signature.

This document can help your business comply with the Companies Act 2006 and Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive) 2002 and the  EU Regulations relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

You need this document if your business uses the internet or email to communicate with colleagues or clients, and you want a clear, straightforward website and email policy.

Confirmation of Order (Services)

This Confirmation of Order Form is for use by a Supplier to confirm an order for the supply of services.  This is a one page document in Word format for a supplier to adapt for their own use when confirming or acknowledging an order.

A sample form is also provided to guide you in completing the document.

ContractStore’s Guide to Starting a Business – Free Document

This is a PDF Pamphlet on Starting a Business – with Legal Tips from ContractStore’s legal experts.

It introduces what you need to know for setting up – taxes, company structure, naming your business, and of course the legal documents and info that you need to put in place to establish your company.

Preparing a Business Plan – Free Document

This free 24-page document, supplied to ContractStore by Cantium Consulting Ltd will help you with the preparation of a Business Plan.

Employment Contract Notes – Free Document

When writing an employment contract it is necessary to take account of the relevant legislation. This free note sets out the basic requirements for employment contracts in the UK. It is designed to assist users of our Employment Contract Templates.

It contains

  • a checklist of necessary contract terms
  • information on a range of employment related topics

Checklist for Shareholders’ Agreement – Free Document

This free document goes in detail through the matters you need to consider when drawing up a Shareholder’s Agreement.

It fits closely with our Shareholder’s Agreement contract template but it will be useful to anyone drawing up such an agreement from ContractStore or elsewhere.


If you have any questions about a contract and/or want to see the Explanatory Notes before you buy, please let us know by using our contact form