Consultants are important to the economy as services account for a large apart of it.  You can use most of our consultants templates for a wide range of services.  The consultant's services, like the fee arrangements, will be specified in the contract. But the general terms and conditions will not vary a lot.

Most consultants  want a straightforward form of consultant agreement to give to clients.  Our Consultant Standard Terms of Business template  A113 is popular.  If your company wants a template for appointing consultants and service providers, our Service Agreement A110 is useful.

For a less formal approach, but still legally effective, try ContractStore document A112Appointment of a Consultant Letter Template. Use this  for appointing an individual to work on a self-employed basis.  Under it  the consultant is  responsible for their own taxes etc., they are not an employee.

If you are setting up a new business or need  proper legal documents, you can buy our Consultant's Business Pack Pk003 which contains A113 plus 5 other useful contract templates at a heavily discounted price.

A specialist design consultants template is document A111 Consultancy Agreement Template for working in another country. This is for a designer who goes abroad to work with a manufacturer.  In return for their design services the Consultant gets  commission on sales of the manufactured products .

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