Confidentiality & NDAs

Confidentiality & NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are an important element of business development.

Protecting confidential information against prejudicial or unauthorised use is paramount to sound business practice. This is very important when two parties engage with one another for the first time, or for a new project.

When using any of these documents, be sure to get them signed by both parties before any secrets are handed over.

The difference between our Confidentiality & NDAs  in this section are:

A105 Confidentiality Agreement Template

This is for two parties who are interested in working together to develop a new idea or new product

A104 Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Similar to A105 this NDA is written as a letter and is  for use when a person wishes to enter into discussions for a new project and requires a promise of confidentiality from the the other party. All confidential  information must be  returned if the project does not go ahead.

A119 Confidentiality Undertaking Letter

A short letter from a company interested in developing a product that the addressee of the letter has brought to it, promising to keep discussions confidential during a specified period.

A103 Confidentiality Undertaking

Short but useful, this is a one page undertaking which a business gets an individual to sign before starting to working with the business, and contains a promise not to make use of any information outside the business.