Creative, IP & Web

This category of Creative, IP & Web contract templates contains a variety of documents concerned with IP, IT and Internet business:

Confidentiality & NDAs

These templates are for individuals or companies wanting to protect their ideas before entering into discussion with other people. There is a short video explaining the difference between our NDA templates.


This category has contract templates for artists and designers and for photographers as well as a music management agreement, entertainer hire, sponsorship and a sports club membership agreement

Intellectual Property

This small section deals with the transfer or sale of IP. In particular assignment of a trade mark, patent or domain name.

Internet & E-commerce

Here is a collection of web-related templates.  Every online business has to comply with an increasing mount of legislation - privacy policies, corporate details and consumer law when selling goods and services.  ContractStore's templates give you sample documents for all of these plus others.


Here there is a Software Licence template for use by a software supplier with their customers.  We also have an IT Support & Maintenance Contract, A189