Is it safe to buy Ready-Made contracts?

When you buy a contract template on the internet, you need to be sure that you know what you are getting – and you want to have confidence that you will be able to make good use of the document you have purchased.

That is why we offer detailed Explanatory Notes with every document on our site. The notes are freely available before you purchase and they guide you through your document once you have downloaded it so you can make it work. (You’ll find them when you look at a contract page, below the detailed description of the contract.)

All of our documents are easy to understand and are written by experts, all of them qualified lawyers, with years of experience behind them. Using them, you can make big savings on legal costs whilst being protected against problems in business. If you finalise the document yourself, then you will not incur any legal fees and you will save a lot. Solicitors in England usually charge by the hour with rates ranging from around £150 an hour in the country to £600 an hour in the City (plus VAT).  If you take one of our documents to a firm of solicitors to help you finalise it, that should still be a lot cheaper than asking them to draft it from scratch. (And since a number of law firms have bought our documents, they might even be familiar with the document you take along!)

The great majority of our customers adapt the documents themselves with ease, and we offer follow-up services to help with tricky or novel applications, or just to check that your document is right for your requirements.

It is really safe to buy my legal documents online?

ContractStore has put in place every precaution to make sure your experience is secure.