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“From shopping in a store to running a corporation, contracts and agreements matter everywhere.”

Oliver Hart, 2016 Nobel Prize winner for Ecomomics

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1. Find the document you need

Find the document you need

There are explanatory notes for every template, plus videos and free guidance.

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About ContractStore

We provide legal template contracts so that businesses can reduce their legal costs.

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We have a range of short videos which can help you find the right document and give you advice.

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ContractStore’s legal team is available to provide specialist support directly to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the document is going to be right for me?

Look at the Explanatory Notes that are displayed on every contract’s description page. You need to scroll down a bit to see them or follow the ‘Read Explanatory Notes’ link.

The Notes are very detailed, and supplied free to view on all our contracts.  The Notes explain what each contract covers, clause by clause, so you can see exactly what you will be getting. TIP: You can also use them to compare the contents of simliar documents.

Remember you can also tailor the documents after purchase, either yourself or with your lawyer’s help, and you can order tailoring services from ContractStore as well.

How can I use Search to find the document I need?

You can use the search box on the top right of the Page – type in a brief description of what you are looking for – and here are some tips:

  • Do not use a very long phrase – e.g. insert ‘subcontractor warranty’ rather than ‘standard form of warranty for subcontractor with design responsibility’
  • Try another combination of words – e.g. if ‘personal guarantee’ does not produce a result try ‘guarantee’ or ‘payment guarantee’
  • If a single word produces a very long list, you can refine the search by using two words – e.g. ‘conditions’ appears a lot in our list so try ‘sale conditions’ instead
  • If a single word does not produce a result – try two words
  • Alternatively you can browse our catalogue which is broken down into lists of different types of contract – have a look here.

How do I access the documents I have paid for?

Immediately after completing the payment process, you will receive an email acknowledging your payment and you will be provided a link to download the documents you purchased.

You will then be able to download the documents you purchased from a link in the confirmation email or by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of our website where you are provided links to all your purchased downloads and previous order details.

If you entered your email address incorrectly this follow-up email will be lost. Contact us if you want help with accessing your documents.

Can I change the document once I have downloaded it?

Please do! All our documents are in Microsoft Word format. They are designed to allow you (or your lawyer) to make whatever changes you need to make the right contract to meet your needs.

* Discount available on ContractStore Documents only. Discount does not apply to third party documents, such as JCT contracts, nor to our Packs (PK001 to PK004) which are already heavily discounted.