Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes copyrighted logos, trademarks, artwork, designs, photographs, and creative works in other media, as well as text copy, and inventions.

Our Software Licence, document A211 can be found here 

The contract templates in this part of our Creative, IP & Web section are below

IP Assignment

In this Intellectual Property section we have a Patent Assignment template, document A208, for use where you are buying or selling a patent.  Also there is a Trademark Assignment, A207, which does the same when a registered trademark is being bought or sold.

We also have a Domain Name Assignment or transfer agreement, A209.

Confidentiality & NDAs

You may also be interested in ContractStore's Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure (NDA) contract templates to protect your business ideas.

Websites & E-commerce

Also our Internet & E-commerce section with documents ranging from a Website Design Agreement to an Online Retailer's Pack of handy templates