Heads of Terms for Commercial Letting (P110)

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Who can use these Heads of Terms?

You need this document if you are a landlord or tenant looking to agree heads of terms for a commercial lease before a formal lease is prepared

This document provides  an outline of the main commercial points relating to the letting of a commercial property before the formal lease is prepared.

Either the landlord or the tenant will prepare the Heads of Terms  to reflect the commercial deal . Usually the landlord will prepare the first draft.

What details will the Heads of Terms for a commercial lease contain?

Our template for a commercial lease is a balanced document and it does not favour one side more than the other.  And you can use it for a variety of different properties and leases.    It has 17 sections:

  • details of the parties
  • premises
  • length of term
  • initial rent
  • commencement date
  • rent review
  • deposit
  • repair/service charge
  • alterations/reinstatement
  • insurance
  • use
  • rights to assign, sublet and share occupation of the premises
  • legal costs
  • landlord’s works
  • conditions

When you buy and download the document, you can tailor it to cover the key issues in your there will be detailed Explanatory Notes to accompany it.

When I download the document, can I change it and/or use it more than once?

Yes, all ContractStore’s templates are in MS Word and you can use the document on more than one project. For more information, watch the video on this page of our website or see our FAQs

Legal support

ContractStore supplies templates and is not a law firm.  But experienced, specialist  lawyers write all our documents.  And we  can arrange legal assistance for customers who need special terms in one of our documents or a bespoke template.  For more information see our Legal Services page.

And if you want to contact us see our Contacts page.

Author Judith Long


If you have any questions about a contract and/or want to see the Explanatory Notes before you buy, please let us know by using our contact form

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