Building Contract Templates

When you are entering into a construction project, you need to make sure you have legally binding contracts in place. These documents will protect all parties involved and clearly set out what is expected from everyone working on your project.

Many construction projects can run into the hundreds of thousands or millions in terms of total build cost. It is simply not worth the risk with this in mind to leave getting the right documents and contracts in place. Use one of our concise and professional templates today to make sure you are fully covered.

Professional contract templates you can afford

Although getting the necessary contracts in place is key, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. With the amount your project may be costing, you don’t want to be running up extra expense when sourcing the building contracts and construction documents you need.

All the building contracts and construction documents we offer are superb value for money. This makes them easy to fit into your overall budget and within reach of all who need them, from homeowners to large building firms. Simply select the category you need a contract for on our website and choose the best document to buy that meets your needs.

All our contract templates are easy to download once you have paid for them for fast results. More information on what is contained in each template is found when you select it to purchase, so you can be sure of getting the exact one you need.

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Our collection of professional, affordable and easy to understand contracts are ready to be used today. From self-builders to construction contractors, there is bound to be the contract or form you need on our site.

Browse our full selection of construction contracts today and make your next project run that bit smoother.

There are almost always uncertainties in a building contract and a well written contract gives both parties a mechanism for dealing with them:

  • The builder wants a contract that sets out the payment terms and specification and allows for recovery of extra costs if the client wants changes or if unforeseen risks cause delay.
  • The client also wants price certainty and an agreed time frame for the work, plus a system that enables changes to be priced before they happen.

One of ContractStore’s building contract templates costs less than a can of paint – and it will give you a lot more protection.

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