ContractStore helps get new business off to a Flying Start

Flying Tots Childcare ServiceOne of our recent customers contacted us for help while creating a bespoke childcare company, Flying Tots Ltd, predominantly to care for the children of airline staff. After carefully researching crew and pilots’ needs over the past year, Sharon Bastien found that airline staff lose out on work due to a lack of childcare. Sharon also discovered that because airline crew work ‘irregular hours’ from day-to-day, they could not be accommodated by most agencies.

So the enterprising Ms Bastien designed a unique company, employing professional, flexible nannies to care for children of airline staff. The company will also serve high-flying career professionals whose work demands ‘out of the norm’ or long hours. Clients use the service on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, as and when needed. The considerable press coverage on the business has been very positive and has generated many enquiries.

Sharon got in touch to share her story about how ContractStore has helped her get the business off the ground:

“I found ContractStore’s website in 2008 and I used it to prepare two contracts, one for the clients who required a nanny, and one for the nannies I employ.  I did not anticipate that these contracts would require so many clauses and details, of which I was not even aware. However,  I was able to obtain two excellent contracts, perfect for the job that meets all the legal obligations and were great value.

Flying Tots ChildCare Service for high flyers“I am very passionate about excellent customer service inside and outside my business.  I felt I was always receiving  undivided attention – excellent customer service in fact. Our business relationship has grown and I can recommend anyone to use ContractStore .”

“The specialist services we provide are for working parents, whose job requires them to work a shift pattern. These are parents are experiencing great difficulty with finding childcare when having to attend work, for long periods at a time. Flying Tots, now with the introduction of our service to high career workers and business professionals ‘takes off’ to a flying start.”

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