“I will recommend you to my business friends in the USA and Europe.”

ContractStore Keeps Exchange HappyFrancis Ayley, President of Fourth Corner Exchange based in the Pacific Northwest, USA (www.FourthCornerExchange.com) wrote to us a few days ago:

“I commend you on the quality of your legal forms. I have written many business contracts over the years, and the forms I purchased from you really worked well for me, in a small emergency situation where I needed a contract immediately and my usual corporate lawyer was unavailable (out of the country).

“I must have searched twenty other websites before I chose yours. Well laid out, easily accessible, the right information available before I buy. Excellent. Well Done. I will visit again and recommend you to my business friends in the USA and Europe.”

This was especially generous as Francis initially had problems paying for the document he wanted as his purchase coincided with a site outage at Worldpay. He nonetheless was kind enough to find time to compliment us.

Fourth Corner Exchange is a very interesting site where people can exchange goods and services using ‘life dollars’ instead of money – they can instead trade work for work or swap things.

Thanks Francis and best of luck with your enterprise – and stay in touch!

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We need a business partner in USA for our business promotion. We already having agent in USA but my business partner will be working for us. do you have any best business person you may introduce me.

Unfortunately we don’t offer any such service. Good luck and do come to ContractStore for any contract templates you might need.

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