New: Invitation to Tender Pack for Building Projects

Invitation to Tender - Pack of Legal Templates for Building Projects Are you thinking of getting a quote for a new house, garden office or any other building work?

ContractStore has published a straightforward, user-friendly pack of tender documents that you can use to send to potential builders and suppliers.

The pack contains:

  • Invitation to Tender, this is a template letter to be sent to each supplier/contractor invited to tender. It will state the date for receiving a priced bid for the work. It will also make it clear that the client does not have to accept any tender nor are they responsible for any expenses the bidder incurs
  • Instructions to Tenderers. There are 11 short paragraphs that set out the procedure to be followed by each tenderer with some useful information.
  • Form of Tender. This has to be completed by each person bidding for the work and sent to the client by the tender return date. contractor who decide to bid for the work.
  • Tender Documents: We include an outline of the documents and information for you to complete. These will accompany the ITT to enable the contractors to prepare a priced tender for the work.

You can download the Invitation to Tender Pack at this link: