The Inventive People Documents Collection

Rather InventiveSpecially for Rather Inventive/ Inventive People clients, we have gathered a collection of documents here to use on a new or existing website project.

Whether its a basic brochure-style site or a fully fledged retail system there are the documents here to protect your business.

The Online Retailers Pack is suitable for e-commerce sites and has all you need to set up your venture and get the legal side of things sorted out.


Documents to protect your online business

You make a substantial saving when you buy the Pack

Online Retailer’s Business Pack (PK002)Online Retailer's Business Pack to Download

This online retailer’s business pack contains a collection of legal documents and statements for use when setting up an e-commerce website to sell goods online as well as various helpful guidance documents for someone setting up a new business.

The online retailer’s business pack includes:

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Notes on Preparing a Business Plan.
  • Terms of Sale of Goods online.
  • Website & E-mail Legal Notices.
  • Terms of Business for Advertising Online.


Buying. When buying our documents online via a link from another website once the sale is confirmed, you will be able to download the document you purchased onto your PC.  It will be in Word format, ready for you to use (and adapt if needed).

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