Irish Trade Contract (IE153)

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Who can use this contract?

If you are a developer or  property owner in Ireland you can use this trade contract whenever you appoint  a contractor for specialist works,  anything from brickwork to roofing or plastering.

What details does the Irish Trade Contract contain?

It is in the form of a letter.  The  18 short paragraphs cover:

  • works
  • start date and duration
  • general obligations
  • goods and materials
  • site access and activities
  • the contract price
  • payment
  • acceptability
  • change
  • delay
  • completion and defects period
  • insurance and liability
  • ownership and risk
  • termination
  • suspension
  • subletting and assignment
  • notices
  • disputes

The contract is made when the client signs and sends the letter in duplicate to the contractor and the contractor countersigns a copy and returns it to the client.

This Irish  trade contract  was developed originally for a  home owner or selfbuilder  but it can be used more widely.  As well as the contract terms, there is an appendix plus schedules to include details of the scope of work, pricing and payment arrangements.  This document is an Irish law version of our document B153.   As with our  documents B152 and IE152, the Irish Trade Contract was developed at the request of Self-Build Zone, a company providing 10 year warranty insurance for self-builders.

When I download the document, can I change it and/or use it more than once?

Yes, all ContractStore’s templates are in MS Word and you can use the contract on more than one project. For more information, watch the video on this page of our website or see our FAQs

Legal support

ContractStore supplies templates and is not a law firm.  But experienced lawyers write all our templates, so we can arrange legal assistance for customers who need special terms in one of our documents or a bespoke template. . For more information see our Legal Services page.  For more information see our Legal Services page.

Contract Author – Giles Dixon 

And if you want to contact us see our Contacts page.


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