Agent Appointment (India) (IN101)

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This agency agreement is suitable for a principal, manufacturer or supplier, who wishes to appoint an agent on an exclusive basis in a defined territory for the sale of those goods.

This is a detailed agent’s appointment with 11 main clauses covering

  • definitions of key terms
  • appointment and duration
  • major terms of appointment
  • agent’s general obligations
  • orders & sales
  • principal’s general obligations
  • intellectual property
  • termination
  • non competition
  • confidentiality
  • a general clause detailing indemnity, assignment, subcontracting, notices, the scope of the agreement, waiver, severability, language, resolution of disputes and governing law.

This version is written from the point of view of the manufacturer or supplier – the principal.

This legal template is designed for use in India.

If you are working in China you may also want to consider the Chinese translation of this template, C101.

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Explanatory Notes

This Agent Appointment  is designed for use where a manufacturer or supplier appoints an agent in another territory on an exclusive basis for the sale of its products.

This template is for use when Indian law governs the agreement.  The wording is very similar to our Agency Agreement A101 which is written from an English law perspective but because of the different law here, certain of the terms are also different.   If you buy this document you will receive detailed explanatory notes.  If you want to see them before buying, here is a link to the detailed explanatory notes for document A101