Manufacture and Supply Agreement (China) (C139)

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Agreement for manufacturing goods in China.  This is a dual language (Chinese/English) document, for use by a company (the licensor) which appoints a manufacturer in China to manufacture goods for it.  The licensor provides the designs to the manufacturer and places orders for the goods as required.  The Chinese company manufactures the goods exclusively for the licensor and is not allowed to supply them to any third party without the licensor’s consent.

While reasonably balanced, these conditions are designed from the licensor’s perspective.

This 13 page document contains 21 clauses covering
• Interpretation/Definitions
• Licence & Appointment
• Duration
• Obligations of Licensor
• Obligations of Licensee
• Intellectual Property
• Orders for Goods
• Manufacture of Goods
• Inspection & Testing
• Delivery
• Rejection
• Warranty & Indemnity
• Prices & Payment
• Variations
• Confidentiality
• Termination
• Force Majeure
• Assignment & Subcontracting
• Notices
• Entire Agreement
• Language, law & Resolution of Disputes
C139 -生产和供应协议(中英双语)



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