Distributor Agreement favouring the distributor (Chinese & English) (C118)

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This dual language (Chinese–English) agreement is for use where a manufacturer or supplier appoints an exclusive distributor or re-seller for the sale of its products in a defined overseas territory.

This eleven page document contains 11 clauses covering

  • interpretation
  • appointment of distributor
  • orders for products
  • prices and payment
  • obligations of distributor
  • obligations of principal
  • patents and intellectual property
  • confidentiality
  • termination
  • language, governing law and resolution of disputes
  • a general clause detailing assignment, subcontracting, notices and the scope of the agreement.

Here the distributor buys on its own account for re-sale – unlike an agent who sells on the principal’s behalf.

C118 -独家批发销售协议(中英双语)



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