Travis Perkins Building Contracts into Business

We’ve partnered up with Travis Perkins to bring construction companies the great news that they can wave goodbye to high legal costs. Travis Perkins is a leading supplier to the UK building and construction industry, offering more than 100,000 product lines to professionals and self-builders.

The new partnership between Travis Perkins and focuses on a range of low-cost specialist contracts for the construction industry, including Terms & Conditions, Collateral Warranties, and contracts for Supply of Works and Services.

A Start-Up Pack for Builders is also available, containing the key document templates for running a construction business.

Although written by expert lawyers, these documents come without the hefty High Street price tag, providing large organisations through to self employed contractors with the opportunity to be legally protected as they prepare for the upturn.

With a recent survey by Close Invoice Finance revealing that almost a quarter of SMEs in the South East have to wait for payment over 31 days after the agreed terms, Giles Dixon, founder of believes that many in the construction industry, particularly self-employed contractors and smaller outfits, could be exposing themselves to bad debt and crippling cash flow issues in 2010 by failing to have adequate contracts and terms in place.

“The recession may be over but it will be some time before we start to see improvements in day to day business. Stabilising cash flow is a huge issue for most businesses at the moment and absolutely paramount for those working in construction and isn’t helped when customers can easily default without consequence.

“This new partnership with Travis Perkins is designed to help those in the industry to obtain adequate legal protection and minimise risk of disruption to the business for an affordable price,” says Dixon.

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