Why Self Builders Need to Put It In Writing

It can be very rewarding to live in a home that you were involved in designing. But before you become a self-builder, it’s good to realise that construction is a complex business.

You not only have to grapple with the planning regulations and the intricacies of design, but there is a lot of work needed to co-ordinate the various suppliers and contractors if the project is not to run into difficulties.

The Self Build Dream can be wonderful but vulnerable to problems
The Self Build Dream can be wonderful – just make sure you avoid legal problems.*

And while a lot of decisions will be made on site to deal with one-off problems as they arise, it is still essential to have the basic arrangements with your architect, suppliers and builders confirmed in writing before you start.

The main reasons for this are:

  • To record the precise scope of work that you are getting for your money, not just a 200m3 building but the design and specifications as well
  • To confirm the price and the payment terms
  • To identify the time frame for the work
  • To provide a framework for dealing with issues that might arise during the life of the contract (changes, unforeseen problems etc.)

You do not need an overly complicated contract – but you do need one that is written by a professional who understands the type of issues that can occur and how they can best be dealt with.

And of all the things that you pay for to achieve your dream home a self-build contract is going to be one of the cheapest and will give you real value for money. High quality

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So there is no longer any reason to leave your project – or your finances – vulnerable to legal disputes!

*Photo of Adrian Leaman © Sarah Dixon 2011