The new Government is preparing for a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.  Are you?

Steps to protect your business from BrexitIf your business operates between the UK and the EU, there could be a lot of disruption on 31st October, whether we leave the EU with or without a deal.

At ContractStore we have recently updated our collection of Brexit clause templates.  These are designed to help companies doing business between the EU and UK to cope with the problems of Britain leaving the EU.

If you are an agent or distributor of a company in the EU or you regularly trade with companies in Europe (or vice versa), you can mitigate the Brexit risks by agreeing in advance with your trading partners how you will handle the difficulties if and when they occur.

Whether or not you have a formal agreement with your suppliers or buyers– and we supply templates for a range of agent and reseller contracts – you can at least have an exchange of emails with your counterparties to discuss and agree what the new scenario might be, & whether there are ways around it (e.g. by sending goods via a country that has a trading agreement with both the UK and EU), as well as the practicalities of potential border delays or visa issues for your staff.

Our twelve Brexit clauses can help your business. And while the UK Government has so far spent £4bn on preparing for Brexit, our templates will only set you back £7.50 (plus. VAT).

Trick or treat?  A Brexit clause is safer than a Brexit surprise at Halloween.