Online / Website Advertising Agreement Contract Template (A202)

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Who can use these Terms of Business for Advertising Online?

Anyone who has a website or publishes a blog and accepts advertisements can use these online advertising terms.

What are these Terms of Business for?

These terms of business for  online advertising establish the basis upon which advertisements will be accepted and paid for.

What are the main issues?

The publisher’s role – this can include the right to review and accept all content, reject any advert that is considered unsuitable and decide where advertisements are positioned.

The advertiser’s role – advertisements must be submitted in a format specified by the publisher including timing and other technicalities.

Warranties – the advertiser gives warranties with regard to their authority to place the advertisement, compliance with legislation, accuracy of details etc.  Also, an indemnity from the advertiser in case of any claim against the publisher.

Duration of the advertisement is another factor to be covered.

Pricing and payment terms are an essential part of the deal.  And the advertiser may be entitled to a refund if the publisher does not comply with the pre-agreed arrangements.

Force majeure: unforeseen risks such as internet failure etc. will be covered so that neither party has any liability in those circumstances.

What detailed terms do the Terms of Business contain?

The main points cover:

  • effect of these terms of business
  • definitions
  • publisher’s rights and duties
  • advertiser’s duties, warranties and indemnities
  • prices and payments
  • limit of liability
  • force majeure
  • cancellation or termination
  • resolution of disputes
  • governing law
  • a general clause detailing the scope of the agreement, variation, representation, severability, waiver, notices, assignment and third party rights.

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