Hire of Premises Contract (A106)

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This template agreement for hiring premises is suitable for an event, such as a wedding, a party, seminar, reception or any other function.

It comprises a letter setting out specific terms, plus standard terms & conditions which are incorporated into the hire contract.

The letter is designed for all the variable details of the event to be inserted – date of event, numbers of people, charges etc. The standard terms and conditions cover such matters as

  • definitions
  • when the contract comes into effect
  • booking information
  • facilities to be provided
  • catering
  • cancellation
  • payment and charges
  • rules of conduct
  • hirer’s liability
  • a general clause incorporating assignment and subletting, notices and governing law.

You need this agreement if you intend to hire out your premises for an event.  It can also be used if you are the hirer.

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Explanatory Notes

This room hire contract is in two parts:

(A) A letter to be written by the owner of the premises setting out the precise terms – date of event, rooms to be reserved and approximate numbers of people and the services to be provided. It also sets out the charges, payment terms and cancellation fees; and

(B) Terms & Conditions to regulate the arrangements between the owner and the hirer.

This template hire contract can be used for a wide range of functions from a seminar to a wedding, a party or a company meeting. Clearly, the precise details will vary depending upon the type of premises and the events being catered for, but we hope the document provides a structure which can be developed for any use.

Matters such as payment terms, cancellation charges etc are clearly going to vary. An agreement in the form of a letter is just as effective as a document headed “Agreement”, provided that it is signed by the sender and then countersigned by the recipient.

One thing to watch – if the recipient countersigns but changes some of the terms or sends a covering letter amending some of the terms, that does not constitute an agreement unless those amendments are themselves agreed by the other party. Try to ensure, when you are preparing any agreement, but particularly a letter, that it is countersigned by the other party without any qualifications. Otherwise difficulties can arise.

The letter should be sent to the Hirer in duplicate with a copy of the Terms & Conditions attached.


The Terms & Conditions are reasonably self-explanatory. As with the form of letter, they may not be appropriate for all circumstances but they give a basic framework.

The Terms & Conditions are in small but legible print and can be given to a potential hirer before he has made a booking. The clauses cover such matters as:

  • The Contract: when it takes effect and what documents are included in it
  • Booking Information to be provided by the Hirer, and the right for the Owner to refuse any booking
  • Payment and charges
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Facilities to be provided by Hirer or Owner
  • Catering
  • Cancellation
  • Liability and Indemnity