IT Support & Maintenance Agreement (A189)

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Who can use this IT Support and Maintenance Contract?

If you have a business providing IT services to your clients, you should use this IT support and maintenance contract.

What is this IT Support and Maintenance Contract for?

It is suitable for a one-man business as it is for a larger company sets out the basis on which the software support business will provide services.

.What are the main issues?

  • Scope of services need to be identified carefully – probably in a detailed schedule. Also, say  whether they involve office visits or will be provided remotely. And will there be out-of-hours services or a help-line?
  • Fees and payment: often there will be a basic monthly charge an additional services paid according to a schedule of rates
  • Duration: how long will the agreement last and how can it be terminated? These issues need to be specified.
  • Responsibilities of customer/client: these can include ensuring proper maintenance, not making unauthorised modifications and promptly notifying any problems
  • Limits on liability are needed for the service provider, in particular to avoid any claims for financial loss if there is a computer failure or software failure
  • Proprietary rights in the service provider’s software need to be protected, with ownership clearly reserved

What detailed terms does the contract contain?

The main points cover:

  • definitions and interpretations
  • scope of services
  • duration
  • fees and payment
  • responsibilities of customer
  • exclusions
  • warranty and liability
  • intellectual property and confidentiality
  • termination
  • force majeure
  • assignment and sub-contracting
  • notices
  • severability
  • waiver
  • the scope of the agreement
  • governing law
  • disputes

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When I download the document, can I change it and/or use it more than once?

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Contract Author – Sharon Benning-Prince

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