Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale & Purchase – for Purchase Order (favouring the Buyer) (US106)

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Standard terms and conditions of sale which favour the Buyer, suitable for shrinking and attaching to the reverse side of a Buyer’s purchase order.

This six page document contains 20 clauses covering

  • agreement
  • when binding
  • pricing
  • delivery, title and risk of loss
  • payment
  • warranties
  • non-conforming goods
  • inspection and acceptance
  • confidentiality
  • services on buyer’s property
  • termination or modification for convenience
  • termination for cause
  • remedies
  • indemnification
  • recall
  • assignment
  • logistical issues
  • waiver
  • severability
  • choice of law and dispute resolution

The form is designed for use when U.S. law applies, but contains language suitable for cross-border sales.

This editable MS Word document comes with 5 pages of explanatory notes which can be viewed below.


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