Get Ready for GDPR

Get Ready for GDPR

GDPR Documents

We have built a set of new legal templates to support your GDPR compliance.

Free Guided Support: Email training

If you have a small business and want to understand GDPR in 5 short emails (as well as getting some support with advice and free templates),  sign up here. Even when the deadline has passed, you still need to comply and understand GDPR so the content is still relevant and will help you comply. By signing up for the course you are showing you are working towards compliance, so don’t worry that you are a bit behind.

This mini-course comprises:

  • Introduction to GDPR & the new Data Protection Rules
  • Preparing for your compliance
  • What you need on your website to be compliant
  • Getting your documents and records in order with an in-house data protection policy
  • Dealing with data requests and data breaches

When you complete the course we may continue to provide support with news on GDPR and information about any relevant new templates on our website. You can just unsubscribe if you wish at any time. You will also have the option to move onto our regular newsletter.

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