Deed of Indemnity (A241)

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Who can use this Deed of Indemnity?

This Deed of Indemnity is designed for use in cases when one person (“the Guarantor”) guarantees the obligations of another (“the Indemnifier”) – usually under a contract between the Indemnifier and a third party; and the Guarantor gets an indemnity from the Indemnifier against any liabilities which the Guarantor may incur under the guarantee.

What is this Deed of Indemnity for?

There are a number of cases when the Deed may be suitable.  Here  are some examples:

  • when the Indemnifier enters into a tenancy agreement and the Guarantor gives the landlord a guarantee that the rent will be paid and the other obligations of the tenancy will be complied with;
  • when the Indemnifier enters into a loan agreement and the Guarantor gives the lender a guarantee that the repayments will be made; and
  • when the Indemnifier runs a shop and enters into an agreement with a supplier for the supply of stock and the Guarantor gives the supplier a guarantee that the stock will be paid for

What are the main issues?

The indemnity deed will identify the scope of the indemnifier’s obligations to a third party and of the guarantee being given to the third party by the guarantor.

The guarantor is given security – probably a cash deposit – by the indemnifier as security for the guarantee.

The deed will say what happens if the indemnifier receives or expects to receive a claim from the third party.  It will also say how the guarantor will deal with a claim made against the guarantor by the third party and what happens to the security.

What detailed terms does the contract contain?

The document consists of 4 pages with 7 clauses, detailing:

  • definitions
  • background
  • indemnity
  • notice of a claim
  • dealing with a claim against the indemnifier
  • dealing with a claim against the guarantor
  • the bond

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When I download the document, can I change it and/or use it more than once?

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