ArtquestWelcome to our Artquest page where, if you buy our documents online via the ArtQuest link, you will automatically be credited with a 15% discount* on our normal price (except on our business packs which already have a built-in discount of over 40% and on documents such as the JCT contracts which are not published by ContractStore).

Once the sale is confirmed, you will be able to download the document you purchased onto your PC. It will be in Word format, ready for you to use (and adapt if needed).

In collaboration with Artquest, our legal team have prepared an Artist Consignment Agreement for use by an artist when consigning art works to a gallery for exhibition and sale and an Exhibition Loan Agreement, for use when an artist is asked to lend work for inclusion in an exhibition. These and other templates suitable for artists and photographers are listed below.

Each of the 200 plus contract templates on our website comes with a brief description and more detailed Explanatory Notes that you can read online before purchasing.

Our Templates.  Some of our templates for use by artists are listed below:

Special Services. If you need a specially tailored contract or assistance, do let us know: you can email us at

Feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments (favourable or unfavourable) we would like to hear from you.  We value our customers’ feedback. Write to

*This discount will not apply to:

(a) Business Packs sold from ContractStore’s website as these already have a substantial built-in discount worth more than 40%.
(b) ContractStore documents sold on any website other than
(c) JCT Home Owner Building Contracts