The Last Word

An eclectic collection that made us pause for thought.

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There are few squeals so shrill as those of society’s winners defending their advantages.

— Robert Shrimsley in the FT

The best fertiliser is the shadow of the gardener.

— Chinese proverb

Definition of Venture Capital:
“The final redoubt of individuals with discipline and ambition but no actual talent.”

— Antonio Garcia Martinez in his book ‘Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine.’

A sane man doesn’t give his money to the poor – a sane man takes money from the poor.

— W. Somerset Maugham, from his play, Sheppey

“Did you sleep with him?”
“Not a wink.”

— Thanks to Philip Browning, letter in The Guardian

From shopping in a store to running a corporation, contracts and agreements matter everywhere.

— Oliver Hart, 2016 Nobel Prize winner for Economics

She was famous for being the first person to be famous for being famous.

— Wendy Holden on Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who died aged 45 in February 2017

One of the dark lessons of (political) leadership is that in their beginnings lie the seeds of their end.

— Steve Richards, The Guardian

Safety under any circumstances is an illusion.

— Leonora Carrington, From her biography by Joanna Moorhead

We should silence anyone who opposes the right to freedom of speech.

— Sir Boyle Roche, Irish politician who died in 1807

Never patronise a child.

— Michele Ferrero, chocolate maker, 1925 to 2015.
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