Sponsorship Agreement for Individual (A236)

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Who can use this Sponsorship Agreement?

This Sponsorship Agreement is intended for use when an individual is getting sponsorship from an organisation – e.g. a boxer for a series of fights or a tennis player for a competition.

For the sponsorship agreement relating to an event, see our document A235

What is this Sponsorship Agreement for?

The sponsorship agreement details the fees that an individual receive from a sponsor and, in return, in return the sponsor gets the right to promote its business or products in various ways – e.g. by having the individual wear the sponsor’s clothes or having the sponsorship promoted in advertising material where the individual is going to perform.

What are the main issues?

The main issues are practical ones- the sponsorship agreement will have a schedule setting out in some detail what the sponsorship arrangements are going to be and the contract will specify how long the sponsorship will last as well as the fees and when they get paid.

There will be various duties imposed on the sponsor so that its right to use the individual’s name and images are restricted e.g. to appearing on one website, promotional materials are approved in advance, the sponsor does nothing that contravenes any laws or regulations that might affect the individual, etc.

Both parties will want to limit their liability to the other – in the case of the individual, the limit will probably be no more than the sponsorship fee.

What detailed terms does the contract contain?

There are thirteen numbered clauses, covering

  • definitions
  • grant of rights
  • sponsor obligations
  • individual rights and obligations
  • sponsorship fee & payment
  • points of contact and formal notices
  • confidentiality
  • liability
  • termination
  • force majeure
  • warranties
  • dispute resolution
  • a general clause detailing the scope of the agreement, waiver, severability, third party rights, governing law and assignment of rights.

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When I download the document, can I change it and/or use it more than once?

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