Club Membership Agreement (US119)

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This club membership agreement is designed to provide terms and rules of membership of a sports club. It contains a customisable (“fill-in-the-blanks”) cover page and a comprehensive set of terms and conditions that can either be attached to the cover page or set forth on the reverse side of the membership form.

The Terms and Conditions cover

  • use of/access to club
  • use of facilities
  • member’s health and physical condition
  • training sessions
  • fees
  • cancellation of membership/termination of agreement
  • personal property
  • limitation of liability
  • indemnity
  • force majeure
  • assignment
  • waiver
  • choice of law & dispute resolution

This form is intended for use in any state in the United States, and is for use when you want to set out comprehensive terms and rules of membership of a sports club.


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