Employment / Company Policies Collection (E135)

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Who can use this Employment Policies Collection?

Any organisation or business that employs staff needs to have a variety of employment policies in place. This template includes a range of five of those policies.

What is the Employment Policies Collection for?

Some employment policies such as Health & Safety policy are are a legal requirement.  Others, such as an Email & Internet policy or a Travel Expenses policy, are useful for administrative reasons. Our collection covers both.

What does the Employment Policies Collection contain?

It contains the following policies:

  • E-mail and Internet policy
  • Travel Expenses policy
  • Health & Safety policy
  • Equal Opportunities policy
  • Social Media policy

Each policy document is followed by explanatory notes.

When I download the document, can I make changes and use it more than once?

Yes.  As with our other documents, these employment policies are in MS Word and you can use them as you wish, adapting and adjusting to suit the needs of your organisation.

Please note that, as well as this collection of policies, we also sell, separately, templates for a Data Protection Policy, a Privacy Policy or Privacy Notice  and a Bribery Act Code of Conduct.

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Explanatory Notes

These employment policies are pretty straightforward and easy to read without the need for much of an explanation.  But when you download the document you will find some explanatory notes which accompany each of the policy documents and give some guidance on  usage and on some of the relevant legislation that make the policies necessary or desirable. A summary of each of these employment policies is set out below.

Email & Internet Policy

This document contains a policy to issue to employees to ensure appropriate use of e-mail and internet at work.

In five straight-forward clauses, the document sets out compliance with relevant UK and international legislation, applicability, policy requirements, use of e-mail, use of internet and internet downloads and the employer’s right to ensure compliance with the policy through the use of monitoring, where appropriate.

You need this document if you are a business owner who wants clear policy guidelines on employee use of e-mail and internet at work.

Travel & Expenses Policy

A detailed policy for issuing to all employees regarding UK & international travel and expense claims. Includes policy on use of business class bookings, company charge cards, expenses and petrol claims and authorisation of expenses claims.

This thirteen page document contains 11 clauses covering: policy; overview operation of expense claim procedures; reimbursement of expense claims; corporate charge cards; UK travel; international and domestic air travel; business and employee entertainment; hotel accommodation; other expenses; expense form completion and authorization; reimbursement of expenses; telephone call reimbursement and payment

Use this document if you are an employer whose staff undertake UK or international business travel, and you want a straight-forward policy for travel and expense claims.

This document can be used as a stand alone policy, or in conjunction with the Business Travel Authorisation Form  on our website.

Health & Safety Policy

This Health and Safety Policy is a 3 page legal document template which sets out an employer’s approach, objectives and arrangements for managing health and safety in the workplace.

The Policy is written with reference to The Health and Safety (Display Screens Regulation) Act, and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

The Policy includes statements detailing company commitment to:

  • health and safety
  • responsibility within the company for implementation of the Policy
  • risk assessments
  • working conditions
  • training
  • emergency procedures
  • staff consultation

Further clauses address: workplace behaviour; first aid; the need for ongoing review and monitoring of company health and safety.

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have such a written Health & Safety Policy in place in organizations with 5 or more employees.

Equal Opportunities Policy

This is a 5 page document which comprehensively addresses the central issues relating to discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Containing 9 clauses, the Policy:

  • sets out the company’s stance towards discrimination and harassment
  • addresses types of discrimination
  • details company recruitment and selection processes, employment and training
  • demonstrates company promotion of equality and diversity
  • includes a complaints procedure
  • discusses implementation of Policy
  • highlights the importance of monitoring the Policy.

The policy aims to protect employees from discrimination, promote diversity in the workplace and state the employer’s commitment to equal opportunities.

Social Media Policy

This S is recommended for employers to adopt in order to minimise risks to company confidentiality and reputation.

Over four pages, the policy addresses:

1. Scope and Purpose
2. Personal Use of Social Media
3. Monitoring
4. Recruitment
5. Review of this policy

The document includes space for the individual employee to sign in acceptance of the policy.

You need this document if you are a business owner or manager responsible for IT administration, and want a clear policy setting out your policy for appropriate staff use of social media.