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If you are offering services on a freelance basis to a company, it is sensible to have clearly written terms and our document A113 is a template for this - a one page letter with a short set of terms  to accompany it.

If you own a business and engage someone on a self-employed basis, a short agreement setting out their duties, fee arrangements etc. is needed, and you may also want to ensure they maintain confidentiality and some restrictions after they leave you. Our document E115 is a suitable template, in a user-friendly letter format. 

Also bear in mind there can be tax implications – if the duties of a self-employed person are indistinguishable from an ordinary employee, HMRC can  require the individual to be treated as an employee and subject to PAYE and NICs.

Consultant's Business Pack (PK003)

This consultant's business pack contains a collection of legal documents and statements for use when setting up a website to supply consultancy services as well as various helpful guidance documents for someone setting up a new business. The pack is suitable for a wide range of consulting businesses.

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