JCT Contracts

Who Are JCT?

The Homeowner Contracts are produced by the Joint Contracts Tribunal,  an independent organisation, the leading contract providers to the construction industry, recognised and respected by construction professionals.

The JCT contract downloads are in editable PDF format. Once you finish completing the document, you lock the PDF so that it can be shared without further edits.

Negotiate the terms, record them in the contract, and sign – it’s that simple.

Why use a JCT Homeowner Contract?

Employing the services of a building contractor, or a consultant such as an architect or a surveyor, can lighten the load of the organisational and practical aspects of home renovation work, but can also turn into a legal minefield should things go wrong.

Using a JCT Homeowner Contract can help you protect your investment in your home from the nightmare of cowboy builders and long, costly legal wrangles.

The building contract your contractor trusts, and you can rely on

Long established and well known throughout the construction industry for their unbiased contracts, JCT Contracts have a reputation that your contractor will recognise and trust.

How do I use the JCT Homeowner Contracts?

The following details should help you use the JCT Homeowner Contracts. If you need any other information please view our JCT Problem Solving Document.

I don’t have the software to open the contract PDF
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here. Do not use other readers which can corrupt your file as the functionality was only designed for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I have downloaded the contract but I can’t open it
Check that you have the latest version of Adobe® Reader® installed correctly.

It must be Adobe® Reader® version 8.0.0 or later. You can download the latest version of Adobe® Reader® from the Adobe website here.

Can I use the contract more than once?
No, you can only use the contract for one transaction, i.e. for one builder and one job.

Our terms and conditions strictly prevent you from using the contract for more than the number of purchased uses. Only you, the purchaser, can use the contract. You may not give the contract to anyone else.

Can I use the contract for anything else?
This contract is designed for use by the private consumer engaging a builder. It is not suitable for other purposes.

How do I start using the contract?
Download the PDF and save it to a location on your PC. Then key in the information in the required fields for your project. A minimum requirement is you must fill in the Customer and Contractor’s names and addresses in order to print your contract. You will not be able to print a blank contract.

If you do not fill in the Customer and Contractor’s names and addresses you will receive a warning message that this needs to be done.

How do I print a draft contract?
Please complete the customer and contractor’s names and addresses on page 2 of the contract. Then scroll to page 6 and click the checkbox acknowledging use of the template for 1 contract. Click Save Form and then Print Draft Form.

How do I print a final contract?
When you have filled in your contract scroll to page 6 and save the form. Then click print final form which will remove the watermark, lock your document after which no further changes can be made. You will print out a customer copy and a contractor copy.

Key points of the building contracts cover:

  • The work to be done
  • The price of the work and payment schedule
  • Which party will be applying for planning permission
  • Access contractors have to facilities on site
JCT Contracts

or you can download a copy with your JCT contract.