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Over the 14 years we've been in business, our customers have given us lots of helpful feedback. So you know how others have found our contract templates useful, we list these comments and some customer stories here. We are always interested to hear how you too have used our contracts - please contact us if you have a query, feedback or comment to make.

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Jun 27 2017 
Jun 27 2017Without hesitation - buy!
May 9 2016I highly recommend this service
May 5 2016A very happy customer
Mar 29 2016clear-wording
Jan 23 2016A really quick response
Feb 21 2014What a fantastic service!
Feb 12 2014Quick & Easy System
Feb 25 2013Impressive!
Jun 28 2012Employee Termination - Protect Yourself
Apr 19 2012A valuable resource
Apr 12 2012Absolutely Spot On
Jan 20 2012Professional Legal Contracts
Oct 17 2011Self-Build Contract
Oct 12 2011Fantastic. Thanks...
Oct 5 2011Greatly Appreciated
Apr 6 2011ContractStore helps get new business off to a Flying Start
Aug 27 2010Clean Coast Contract Clears The Way
Mar 24 2009"I will recommend you to my business friends in the USA and Europe."
Mar 11 2009OneIS Happy
Oct 22 2008Southern Solar Shareholders Agree
Aug 24 2008Employing foreign workers in the UK – Guide to new Licensing Regulations for Employers
Nov 27 2007ContractStore Launches Legal Blog
Aug 1 2007Internet Business Makes the Leap to Limited Company Status
Jun 22 2007ContractStore Launches Video Briefing Service: The Smoking Ban
May 28 2007ContractStore Publishes New Contracts for Sale
May 12 2007Free Privacy Policy for Websites
May 8 2007Doing Business in China - A few tips for the first timer
Mar 25 2007International Women's Month features ContractStore
Mar 15 2007ContractStore Meets Exacting Requirements for IT Consultancy

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