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Online Retailer's Business Pack

Startup Pack for EcommerceThis online retailer's business pack contains a collection of legal documents and statements for use when setting up an e-commerce website to sell goods online as well as various helpful guidance documents for someone setting up a new business.

The online retailer's business pack includes:

  • A Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement
  • Notes on Preparing a Business Plan
  • Terms of Sale of Goods online
  • Website & E-mail Legal Notices
  • Terms of Business for Advertising Online

In addition there are some useful advisory notes, especially for anyone setting up a new business, and these include a Guide to Starting a Business, a Checklist for a Shareholders Agreement and Explanatory notes on Employment Contracts

Scroll down for full details and explanatory notes of the contents of this pack.



What's in it? - See details and contents list



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Online Retailer's Business Pack

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What's in it?

Whilst for obvious reasons we can't show you the actual items before you purchase them, we can do the next best thing. We show you the explanatory notes that go with each contract and, in the case of books and forms, a brief summary. These will give you a good idea of the content of the pack before you buy it. 



The online retailer's business pack includes:

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement.  This is  suitable for use when you begin negotiation with a potential business partner to develop your idea, and it can be used with your website designer.
  • Notes on Preparing a Business Plan. 19 pages of useful notes prepared by an accountant explaining how to put your Business Plan together.
  • Terms of Sale of Goods online.  It is essential to have some terms of sale on your website.  Ours are designed to meet the requirements of the Distance Selling Regulations in the UK and are written in clear English and easy fr your customers to read and understand
  • Website & E-mail Legal Notices.  This collection includes a Privacy Policy to go on your website, a Disclaimer Notice and a Copyright Notice.  There is also a template for the information that a company in England is required by law to show on its website and a template for the information needed on company emails.
  • Terms of Business for Advertising Online.  If you are planning to accept orders from other businesses to advertise their goods or services on your website, these Terms offer a pretty comprehensive set of terms for you to use.

In addition there are some useful advisory notes, especially for anyone setting up a new business, and these include a Guide to Starting a Business, a Checklist for a Shareholders Agreement and Explanatory notes on Employment Contracts


Terms of Business for Advertising Online More details...

These Terms of Business are for use where a web or blog publisher accepts orders from an advertiser wishing to advertise goods or services on the publisher's website.

This 10 page document contains 11 clauses covering

  • effect of these terms of business
  • definitions
  • publisher’s rights and duties
  • advertiser’s duties, warranties and indemnities
  • prices and payments
  • limit of liability
  • force majeure
  • cancellation or termination
  • resolution of disputes
  • governing law
  • a general clause detailing the scope of the agreement, variation, representation, severability, waiver, notices, assignment and third party rights.

You need this document if you are an online publisher and want to clearly define your relationship with website advertisers.

Did you know? - We also have an Online Retailer's Pack containing a complete set of legal documents for setting up an online shop, including this document.


Terms & Conditions for Sale of Goods Online (E-commerce T&Cs) More details...

These Terms & Conditions are for use by traders selling goods on the internet.

Designed for use in the UK, this five page document contains 16 easy-to-read clauses covering:

  • definitions and interpretations
  • price
  • ordering goods online
  • privacy
  • payment
  • delivery
  • cancellation
  • risk and ownership
  • warranties and liability
  • notices
  • customer default
  • force majeure
  • intellectual property
  • disputes
  • governing law
  • a general clause addressing severance, assignment and the scope of the agreement

This contract template is for businesses trading over the internet and are to be displayed on your website. It takes account of current consumer contract regulations.

It allows you to offer customers high quality policy procedures for online ordering and sales, and it protects you by helping to ensure you meet online trading regulations.


Non-Disclosure Agreement Template More details...

This letter is designed for use when a person wishes to enter into discussions for a new project and requires the other party to agree that all information provided will be kept confidential and returned if the project does not go ahead.

The agreement is similar to Document A105, but is in the form of a letter. It must be countersigned by the addressee before any confidential information is released. It can be used for a wide range of projects – from the development of land to the manufacture of a new product.

You need this document if you want to protect confidential company information when entering into discussions with potential business partners.



Website & Email Legal Notices More details...

Did you know that under English law you must display certain information about your business on your website?

This document contains template wording to ensure you are up to date. It includes the information that every company is required to provide under English law, plus a Disclaimer Notice, a Copyright Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookie consent, Notices concerning links to and from the website and useful legal phrases for your email signature.

This document can help your business comply with the Companies Act 2006 and Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive) 2002 and the  EU Regulations relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

You need this document if your business uses the internet or email to communicate with colleagues or clients, and you want a clear, straightforward website and email policy.



ContractStore's Guide to Starting a Business - Free Document

This is a PDF Pamphlet on Starting a Business - with Legal Tips from ContractStore's legal experts.

It introduces what you need to know for setting up - taxes, company structure, naming your business, and of course the legal documents and info that you need to put in place to establish your company.


Preparing a Business Plan - Free Document

This free 24-page document, supplied to ContractStore by Cantium Consulting Ltd will help you with the preparation of a Business Plan.


Employment Contract Notes - Free Document

When writing an employment contract it is necessary to take account of the relevant legislation. This free note sets out the basic requirements for employment contracts in the UK. It is designed to assist users of our Employment Contract Templates.

It contains

  • a checklist of necessary contract terms
  • information on a range of employment related topics

New customers will be asked to register to download this document - click Add to Basket and follow the links.


Checklist for Shareholders' Agreement - Free Document

This free document goes in detail through the matters you need to consider when drawing up a Shareholder's Agreement.

It fits closely with our Shareholder's Agreement contract template but it will be useful to anyone drawing up such an agreement from ContractStore or elsewhere.





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