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Better management for your self-build projectsContractStore and partners bring you a range of contract templates for home owner and self build projects.

Why Use These Contracts?

Some 20,000 home owners build a home in the UK each year, but until now there have been no forms of contract available for the selfbuild owner (except the JCT Home Owner forms which we are pleased to offer for sale here). 

Construction projects can be complex affairs, with a variety of different trades working on the site, and a variety of risks. Contracts are needed in this situation – not because they solve all the problems but because they provide a framework for dealings between the participants and they help to identify how risks are allocated and what to do if things go wrong.

The Self Build Pack 

The Self Build Pack was developed with Self-Build Zone, a company specialising in insurance for home builders.

The low cost (£49) Self Build Pack contains 4 contracts in easy to use MS Word format, representing a big discount on the full price:

JCT Homeowner Contracts

The JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) is the leading supplier of standard contracts for the UK construction industry and their contracts are published by Thomson Reuter/Sweet & Maxwell.

JCT Homeowner Contracts are editable PDF documents to protect you when having renovations done or developing a property. There are two:

Construction Contracts

ContractStore also provides a range of related legal templates for property ownership, building and development projects.

If you are a builder or want other forms of construction-related contract you can find them at

Self Build Pack (PK004)

Do you have grand designs for your own home or extension? This set of legal contracts to download will save you money and protect your interests.

The Self Build Legal Pack contains a collection of contract forms and useful guidance notes for use by a home owner or self-builder who wants to build a new home or an extension or some other work on an existing home. 

The Self Build Legal Pack has been developed in collaboration with Self Build Zone who provide insurance products for the self-build market.

The Self Build Legal Pack includes five documents, representing a big discount on the full costs:

  • Appointment of Professional Consultant, B151
  • Building Contract, B152
  • Trade Contract, B153
  • Supply & Installation Contract, B154
  • Change Confirmation Form, B155
  • Guidance Notes for a Home Builder, Z165

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