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We are an exclusively online business offering legal documents for commerce. Here you can find out more about the company and the ContractStore team.

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The ContractStore Team


is the founder and managing director of ContractStore.  It was his idea to set up a company selling documents online and he has played a major part in the company's development.   He is an English solicitor, with over thirty years' experience of drafting and negotiating commercial and construction contracts in the UK and overseas.  He has long been convinced that there is a quicker and simpler approach to the delivery and supply of most contracts, and he is an active proponent of the use of plain English in legal documents .When not working on ContractStore, he has his own legal practice – information can be found on www.gilesdixon.com.


is a solicitor and one of the founding shareholders. He specialises in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts and advises on major oil and infrastructure projects.  For the past fourteen years he has been living in Dubai where he set up his own law firm in 1996 - information on www.keydixon.com

Xie Rong

is a Chinese lawyer who has been living in England for the past few years.    She is the first lawyer from mainland China to have received a licence from the Law Society in England to practice in the UK.  As an active member of the ContractStore team, she is not only involved in the production of our contracts in Chinese, but also provides advice on doing business in China to foreign investors.  She was instrumental in setting up our Chinese website – www.contractstore.com.cn

Kong Wei

is a Chinese lawyer and a partner in the Zhonglun law firm in Shanghai. He specialises in corporate and commercial law, and has worked for some time in a  London law firm.  With Xie Rong he selects the contracts for translation  and adaptation for the  Chinese market.  He also advises on regulatory matters affecting Contractstore's Chinese website.  For more information   www.zhonglun.com


is a founding shareholder and a director of the company who was heavily involved in setting up ContractStore.  She plays an active role in the administration of the company, and when not working on ContractStore business she has until recently been managing large-scale recruitment programmes for major companies.


plays a leading role in the company's marketing programme, through her business Spider Creative Services. For more information find me on LinkedIn or visit www.spidercreative.co.uk


is a founding shareholder.  A former university librarian and journalist who has written for the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, she assists in the day to day administration and marketing of the business.


is a director of Enstar Ltd whose company's neatComponents content management technology was used to design and manage our website.  Technically innovative, he has consistently provided support to the company in its development. For more information – www.enstar.net


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