Purchasing and Downloading

The process of purchasing and downloading a contract from ContractStore is very straightforward, however you may wish to print out the instructions on this page for future reference.

Choose Your Contracts

To buy ContractStore documents, you choose the items you want, and they will be added to your basket. When you are ready to pay you will be asked to log in to your ContractStore account, or register if you do not have one yet.  You will also be asked to confirm that you accept our Terms & Conditions before you purchase and if you have a discount code, you can insert the details.

A Multiple Use Licence can be purchased if you intend to use any of your documents in more than one instance. The Licence covers up to five different contracts and allows for ten separate uses of each.

Go to Payment

At the payment stage you will be taken to the secure WorldPay payment system.

You will see an 'Enter Card Details' button which will take you to a secure payment page, operated by WorldPay, where you can pay by credit/debit card in any of the following currencies: Stg£, US$, Euro and AUS$.

All sales are processed by WorldPay who operate a secure payment system, all transactions which they process being encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) architecture.

Immediately after completing the payment process, you will receive an email from WorldPay acknowledging your payment and you will see on the screen a VAT invoice for the documents you purchased. You should print this screen invoice if you want to retain a copy.

Return to "My Contracts" to Collect your Documents

You will then be able to download the documents you purchased by going to the 'My Contracts' page on our website where you can click on 'Download Now'.

On our site, when you are logged in you can go to the 'My Contracts' page to download your contracts. Once you have downloaded them they will disappear from the list. Contracts are stored for you for 42 days, after that they will be removed from the My Contracts page and you should contact us if you still need your document.

Free Documents

To download a free document the process is the same except that you will not be taken to Worldpay, unless you are also buying a document. Either way, you will find the document for download in your "My Contracts" page.

Terms & Conditions

Please see our Terms & Conditions page.

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