ContractStore's Affiliate Scheme allows you to make money by referring customers to our website.


Become an affiliate and earn money

How it Works

We provide you with code to place on your website, which links to our website. You pick this code up using the blue Affilliate bar which is visible to Affiliates.

Visitors to your site who click on that link are taken to our site, where they may make a purchase. If they do, we credit you with a percentage of the purchase price (excluding VAT). 

Link to Any Page on Our Site

You can place as many links as you like on your site, and they can be set to go to any specific page on our site: so you can create a link which goes to a particular category, or to a particular contract. 

We provide you with the tools to generate these links quickly and without technical hassle. We do not restrict the visual appearance of the links: they may be text or graphical.

Real-Time Reporting

We also provide you with a real-time reporting tool, so you can see the credits being earned as they accrue to your account.

Earn 20% Commission

Our normal rate of commission is 20 per cent of the net sale price of contracts purchased.

30-day Recognition Time

Visitors are tracked by means of a cookie, which normally  remains active for 30 days. Any purchase made while the cookie is still there will be credited to you.


At regular intervals, if the credit in your account is over a certain threshold, we notify you of the amount payable.

You raise an invoice, and we pay you. Calculations are normally made in the two weeks after the end of each three month period, ending on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.

The payment threshold is stated in our Terms & Conditions and is there simply to keep the scheme manageable, and prevent us from having to pay trivial amounts where the cost of making the payment is disproportionately high when compared to the value of the payment.

Payment will be made either by PayPal to your account or, within the UK, payment can be by cheque.  If you do not already have a PayPal account, it is easy to set one up. Have a look at their website -



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Associate Scheme - Summary*

  • The scheme is free
  • Refer people to our contracts
  • Get a 20% commission on their purchases
  • Track your commission balance in real-time
  • Can be used to get money back off your own purchases.

* This is just a summary, see Terms and Conditions for full details and any restrictions.





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